Resizing Issue of Components in Model

ReSized_Components.skp (23.3 KB)
Question: How does Model handle re-sizing of components?

  1. New Model
  2. Create 3-sided polygon → Make Component
  3. ReSized (Tape Measure) 5.5" side of Triangle and Verified Equilateral after ReSize
  4. Listed in Components
  5. Deleted Triangle in Viewport
  6. Create 5-sided polygon → Make Component
    7 ReSized (Tape Measure) 5.5" side of Pentagon and Verified Sides after ReSize
    8 Listed in Components
  7. Selected “side” (3-sided polygon) from Component List → now 4 61/64" instead of 5.5" in Viewport?

Are you resizing inside the component or outside , if outside then sizing will effect both, if inside then only the geometry of the open component effected.

Please clarify “inside” versus “outside”…Related to Edit Mode?

You resize in the context of the file (component), that is whether a group or component is open or not

Ah…So, presence in Component List has nothing to do with isolating resizing activity. If I have two components in the model and resize one, the other component will be impacted? I was thinking components would be isolated if not in Edit mode?

If you resize the components without opening them, all the components on your drawing will be resized proportionally (other elements drawn as well), the components in the components palette will not be resized, they will keep the original dimensions.
If you open a component and resize it, its dimensions will also be changed in the components palette, this is the original component you are modifying, all copies of this component will also be resized in your drawing

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Original Goal:

  1. Create Triangle component, Resized to 5" sides (Deleted from Model ViewPort and available from “Component Palette”.
  2. Create Pentagon, Resized to 5" sides (Remains Visible in Model and "Component Palette).
  3. Select Triangle and drop in Model Viewport. (Expected 5" sides from original definition)…but is now showing 4 61/64".

Triangle was previously “deleted from viewport” but has been resized (by amount Pentagon was resized for 5" sides) when selected from “Component Palette” and returned to Model Viewport.

How does one “isolate” components listed in “Component Palette” when they are not visible in Model Viewport? Apparently “Select” and “Delete” are acting more like “Hidden” in the Model Viewport?

I have seen the error of my ways…
Operator Error…Resized Model in Step#1…Before Create Component.

Attempting to follow your example. However, “BugSplat” is delaying my attempt!