Tape tool resizing entire model INCLUDING components loaded from external files

I have used the tape tool easily to resize entire drawings, components etc.
My problem is that I have a complex model with components loaded from other models as it progressed. When I tape tool resize and check YES to resize entire model,
I get “components within the model that were loaded from external files will not be resized” There must be a way to accomplish this? Help… weeks of work.

Got it…select all, save as new model, then resize all…
Too simple…I think I heard some of you snickering (smile)

You can group everything you want to resize, enter that group and use tape measurement tool from in there.

You could also resize the whole model but then afterwards go through each component you don’t want resized, right click them and click reset scaling.

sincere thanks for your reply…logic always prevails. sometimes the forest is hard to see because there are so many trees in the way. very glad to have this group as a resource.

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