Scaling and resizing components from 3d warehouse

I have 2 questions to ask:
one i brought in a piano hinge and need to resize it smaller and i am having one hell of a time making this happen???
I brought in a air compressor that i need to make smaller to fit in the box that i have made for it, how do i resize the air compressor smaller for my model.

thanks in advance,

open the component, use tape measure to measure a part, type the size and units you wish it to be, enter and except the resize dialog.

thanks will give it a try

everytime i try to do this it says do i want to resize the model and not the component. i am trying to resize a air compressor

if you are inside the component (double click to enter, or use out liner) then the resize will only effect the component, components are files

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not sure what the hell i am doing wrong, but i am not getting it to work at all. I see the big box around the component, but cant get it to resize. thanks for your help, still trying to get it to work.

How about sharing the component so we can see what you’ve got and give you some direct help?