Changing Components dimensions after you create them

From what I have read here, it would appear you can’t change the dimensions on something you created and saved as a component except by using the scale tool? But if you don’t remember your dimensions, it’s hard to do the math to determine whether 1.2 or 1.8 scale would be right! Guess I should have written those down when creating but I didn’t. whoops. I’ve looked to find what they are but don’t find anything. I’m on the trial version of pro on my mac. short of creating those components again, I’m hoping that I’ve just overlooked something?

It depends on what the model is and what dimensions you are changing. Very often (most of the time in my case) the Scale tool is not appropriate for changing dimensions. Instead the Move tool is the tool of choice. And in that case you just move by the distance you need. If the thing is 20 in. long and you want to make it 24 inches long, you move 4 inches. Much simpler math, too.

You can also enter final dimensions when using the Scale tool if it is the correct tool for the job. So you might be able to start scaling and type the desired dimension adding the units to get the size.

A note about components: you can open them for editing (right click on one and choose Edit Component or double click on it with the Select Tool) and then make changes to the geometry inside.

Run the tape measure on them to get the sizes. You can change them by double clicking to open the component or right clicking and choosing edit component. Then you can work on them as you would anything else in your model.

Here’s a quick example using the Move tool for most of the resizing. I used Push/Pull to increase the length of the glass top. If I had used Scale to increase the length of the table or the lengths of just the stretcher and long side of the top, it would have changed dimensions I wouldn’t want changed such as the length of the tenon on the stretcher and the miter angle at the end of the top rail.

Thank you - I will look into this. MOVE moves the entire thing if it is a component, at least that’s what’s happening on my end. But I will work with this more and report back!

Oh 'gol, why didn’t I think of that? Tape measure, yes. That at least gives me the starting sizes…thanks!

So it appears that this was not a component but I get how you selected the pieces and moved them. Not entirely sure I understand but I will study this and give it a try… Thank you. This program is so ‘foreign’ to me, but I’m muddling through it!

Both @DaveR and @Zarloff have told you about opening a component for editing.
Yes the move tool will move the hole component if you haven’t opened it for editing!

Have you spent any time learning the fundamentals at the Campus? Best to go there to get a handle on things.

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Each of the pieces that makes up the table in my example is a component. I selected the end components and moved them whole. I opened a stretcher component and selected only the geometry on the end to move it. I did the same for the long side of the top frame component and the glass top.

Box gave good advice about the Campus.