Resize to exact size


I am trying to resize objects to an exact size and I really struggle. I found solutions online for older versions where this can be done with the Tape tool but the “Messurement” option does not allow to edit in the web version.

I downloaded the desktop version and it has the same problem, the 2021 version does not seem to allow to edit the “Meassurement” field when using the tape.

Weird that I cannot find anything online… I missed this since the first time I used SketchUp. Does people do this differently? There is a big warehouse, but the meassures of the objects may not be suitable for your project. How do you resize them to your required size?


That would indicate you aren’t using the feature correctly because it works in both versions. You need to click and release on two points and then type the correct distance between them. For a component downloaded from the 3D Warehouse you would probably need to open the component for editing first.

This is in the web version.

And in SketchUp 2021.

Awesome! Thanks!

What I was doing is trying to click on the Meassurement field, instead of start typing the figure straight away…


There’s never a case where you should click on the Measurements field before entering a dimension of other value. If it is available for use, just type.

Hi, I am struggling with this again.

I mainly work with wood, so I have a “plank” of wood of 9mm x 100mm x 100mm. I would like this to be 9mm x 120mm x 100mm but with the tape measure it resize everything. I understand this make sense for components that should not lost its proportions but for a piece of wood I would like it to be more flexible.

The only way that I found to do this is calculating the scala that I need and resizing by this scale, but this is very slow… I trust it shoud be an easier way!


Certainly there are easier ways. If you are absolutely set on using the Scale tool, enter the dimension instead of the scale factor.

Or use Push/Pull on the end face and add 20mm.

Oh dear it was easy… :rofl: thanks!!!

I did forget to tell you that you need to stick your tongue out between your teeth while you do it. :crazy_face: