Resize component/group preserve measurements

I have downloaded a VJ panel (tongue and groove) which is a 3d component. It represents 150mm wide boards which is about 3600mm tall and 5000mm wide and 15mm deep which represents one panel.

Im a bit of a newbie here and I’m having difficulty resizing this component to the size I need 2400mm tall to 4000mm wide.

Here are the issues Im facing. I only know how to use the scale tool at this point.

  1. Use the scale tool to adjust the height. Click “S” and then position mouse at the top center handle - this allows me to adjust the height up and down which is what I need however the scale works in percentages. Is there a way of setting a height to 2400mm.

  2. Use the scale to adjust the width. Click “S” and then position mouse to the right center handle - this allows me to adjust the width. I have the same issue above where it works in percentages however there is also another issue. The internal v’s which are 150mm apart will expand or shrink depending in which direction I drag the mouse. I understand this is what is expected but curious to know if there is a way to lock these internal objects to not contract/expand.

I’m not sure if there is another tool or method to use here or I just dont know if Im using it correctly…any help appreciated.

The scale tool will accept absolute dimensions as well, start the scale operation and let go of the mouse and type the dimensions then press return, same operation as using a scale factor except type the “mm”: 2400mm

Wow…ok thanks for the quick reply. A little embarrasing but I guess thats what the forums are for :slight_smile: Any chance you have a solution to no 2?

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The second problem is a bit different as the scale tool scales the entire object so if you do a scale in the horizontal direction the individual slats will also get wider. In this case you would want to copy the last slat, do a move copy (move tool with the control modifier key pressed) then move that extra last slat over to extend the total by one slat. then immediately type x and a number of copies to produce an array of slats. for example x24 will make 24 more slats at the same spacing as the initial move.

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Lol…this sketchup thing is like magic :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!!!

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Yes, there is a way to lock them to 150. If you create a Dynamic Component you can scale the whole panel to any size while keeping each board fixed at 150. You need SketchUp Pro to create Dynamic Components.

Ok…thanks for this info. Im only on Sketchup make 2017. Will be handy to know should I make the plunge

You need Pro to create them, but if someone else has created them with Pro, you can use them with Make.

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