"Reset Size" function for imported pdf / image files in Layout?



dear skp / layout community,

i am having trouble to resize an imported image (or pdf) to its original, exact proportions once i resized it unproportionally in Layout (only in one direction without holding down the shift-key).
Am i correct to assume that there is no “reset size” function for external images or pdf-files in Layout and the only way to get it proportionally sized is to reimport the image / pdf ?

well, there is another use case for which i am looking for such a “reset size” functionality: when the aspect of the imported source file changes and i update the reference in the “> document setup > references > Update” function the file will be resized to the aspect of the former file and be therefore distorted. in that case i would like to reset the aspect / size. probably i also need to reimport the file like in the use case above - correct?

hm, unsure if i describe the effects i am seeing in Layout in an understandable way so that someone can help out with an advise?

thx bjoern


Hello, I guess re-importing would be the best option indeed. But if you know the original size of the element that is distorted, you can add dimensions to its frame and resize manually till you get the proper dimension !


I think you explained it well enough. Currently there is no reset option short of removing the image and reinserting it from the source. I think it would be a nice addition, though.

Is this something you do intentionally? Or is it accidental?


DaveR & Paul,
many thanks for confirming that the reimport will be the only solution.
@DaveR: yes i meant unintentionally.


I guess the obvious is to use Undo. Since I nearly always want to resize things proportionally in LO I’ve gotten in the habit of holding Shift while dragging a corner. I generally use the side or top/bottom resize handles only on Viewports when changing their shape to more closely fit the model. I’ve worn the paint off the Ctrl and Shift keys on the lower left of my PC’s keyboard. Alt is almost blank, too.

One thing just in case. If you delete the image from the page and re-insert it from the source, make sure to purge the unused file from References.


thanks again@DaveR,
a worndown keyboard is a statement of true passion and a track-record of “mannjahre am schirm” :slight_smile:

…the undo function… sometimes i realise that the aspect of images does not fit anymore long after i did the operation, so the undo function does not work always for me. and in skp there is a “reset scale” function for components so i hoped there would be one in layout too.

and i have this second use case, where i insert schedules (pdf export from xls) into my layouts.
once i update them (with additional lines) the aspect does not fit anymore, so the convenient update reference function does distort the text.
but hey, i just saw there is a XLSX import function too. the formatting did not work straight away, but i will look into that a little further how to setup that workflow.



Does that mean something like, “needs to get a life”?

Understood on the Reset function.

And I see you found the XLSX import feature. You can edit the range if you need to add rows or columns so maybe that’ll be helpful.


Hi DaveR
omg - no! most of my coworkers have such keyboards,
since i use a macbook i have to replace it every three years,
so it does not make it that long…
it sounds like your a most experienced sketchupist.
i am grateful that you gave me your feedback.
Sorry for the missunderstanding.


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