Layout import image appears huge

Good day,
To me it seems that since the update to 23 images that I import appear huge and I almost every time have to scale them to 50% or more to have 'm fit in the artboard.
I tried to find a setting on this but can’t find it.
Importing an 1531x1531px jpg image of some chairs result in this:

Any idea on this most welcome and apreciated.

Using Pro 23.1.341
Artboard A3
Document Rendering resolution: High

Hi @gb-vanuden,

This was an intentional change on our part, for a few reasons.

The first reason is so that users see more clearly that they have inserted a very heavy image into their document, which has a big potential to slow LayOut down. Your example image is something like 9MB! That is absolutely enormous.

The second reason is that by not automatically resizing the image to fit in the paper space, we are able to track the original size of the image. With this, it is now possible to “reset” the scale of an image that has been inserted into your document to its original size. This can be done via context menu command or by performing an absolute scale using the vcb after scaling an image.

Hope that helps,