Images imported in LO slows down?

I import a lot of photos in my LO file - I think the images are “too heavy” and slows the capacity? Is there any trick to handle this? But still getting a fairly nice print on the images when exporting to a pdf when all is done…

Hi Susanne,

In an image editor reduce the image size to make the images lighter. Figure out how large you need the image to be on the page in your export and work from there figuring on 300 pixels per inch. That should get you good image exports without adding file bloat.

INCH?! Weird :wink: 69 cm approx, I guess that would be something like 23,5? So does this mean I need to reduce to 2100 pxls?!
Can this be done after I have imported the photos?
Guess this means I need to have two folders of photos - one with original size and one with adjusted for LO?

OOpps came out strang 6 times 9 cm and 2 times 3,5 it should be

You can right click on the image and choose to edit it in your image editor. You needt o have set that image editor in LayOut’s Preferences, first, though. I use PaintDotNet as my image editor.
Screenshot - 6_29_2021 , 9_08_19 AM

It depends on how you’ll use the images. Maybe you only need the ones sized for LayOut?

If I did my math right 300 pixels per inch works out to about 118 pixels per cm. If the image was to be displayed on the page at 10 cm wide, the image needs to be about 1180 pixels wide.

Hhhhmm I really would want to have a easy way to handle my images right in LO and not in tables in Word as I have been doing - but there are a lot of extra fuzz that needs to be done in order to get it to work in LO… Import, resize, place them, add text boxes, fit text box etc… and now I also realize image pixels needs to be reduced…

Would you - with your experience and knowledge have any tip on how to easiest handle this type of display?
I think you once mentioned to make a template - but how would that be done?

When I do it in a premade/reused table in word format of images are kept and all the cells in the table is there easy to tab and change text…

OK not super fancy layout with distance between the images but it works for time invested… but it is not ideal to paste into layout…

You shouldn’t need to be using a table to insert images. They can be distributed on the page equally. If they are all the same size that will make it easier. And if they are sized correctly in the beginning, I think you should be able to manage without fussing a great deal with sizing.

As for a template, you could set up your template with some “dummy” images that you then replace with the right ones for the project if you wish.

No. It’s not and it’s not a good idea to copy and paste between Word or whatever and LayOut.

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