Imported PDF disappears when rotating

I can resize an imported files but as soon as I rotate the image it disappears completely!

Any ideas of a setting that may be getting in the way?


Any chance you can share a LayOut file with the PDF in it that exhibits this behavior?

Here it is. Reference the doc. layout to see hidden pdf.TEST PDF ISSUE.layout (1.4 MB)

Interesting. I see it appears to not be there when I look at the whole page as below.

However it is actually there if you zoom in enough.

It is a case of the original being scanned at such a high resolution that the dots are too small to be displayed when looking at the entire LO page. The dots in the image from the PDF aren’t aligned with the pixels when the image is rotated. I explained that badly, I think.

In any case, can you get a lower resolution scan of the original?

Ok. Interesting indeed. I will try that tomorrow. Curious that it appears fine before rotation though.

Aran Wiener

I think it’s a case of the dots in the image not lining up with the pixels. There are points at which is does show up and of course when you zoom in it shows, too.

Lastly what resolution would you suggest for PDF considering it is for print

Aran Wiener

I guess I’d first ask why you aren’t just printing the PDF from the scan.

Do you know what the resolution is in the scan you’ve got now?

Our process is a bit cumbersome due to multiple parties involved. Basically our plans start with CAD then we overlay hand drawn elements which we scan back in and then add text/labels/etc.

Thanks for your help, i did not realize the large file size of the pdf could be a problem. The file is only 1.6MB. IS there a setting in preferences that will enable use of larger files?