Images rotated in PDF export

Seems like all the photos that i had to rotate after importing into LO were exported to PDF with their original orientation…

Image editors have different ways of rotating images - some will actually change the pixels around, and some seem to do it with a metadata flag. Apparently in this case the images were rotated with a program that LayOut understands but our pdf export library does not. I’ve notice this sort of issue before in Preview on the mac, and with images from certain types of cameras.

I think you’ll need to go back to the original images and set their orientation in an image editor, then import them into LayOut again.


Sure, the source AND workaround are more or less clear to me.
(Though i think it’s the other way round, LO did not understand the rotation in the meta. The images were upright in windows explorer, so i had to rotate them in LO. The exporter seems to add the SU rotation to the original image, which he reads correctly…
Well, this implies, the report should be “LO not reading image-rotation of photos”, export being technically correct is kind-of an self-induced second bug :wink: )

Here’s the Image, in case you want to experiment with it:

The workaround mentioned (rotate in an image editor and then re-import to LayOut) works, but is not ideal.

The image editor may be part of the issue, however the LayOut’s Export PDF also seems to play a part.

LayOut printed to a PDF printer, using File - Print works flawlessly and images will print as they appear in LayOut. The issue only occurs when File - Export -PDF is used. Is this further evidence of a deficiency in the LayOut PDF library?

Hi Tim-

Yes, it’s a mismatch between the OS image display library and our PDF library. It’s on our list to fix for the next release, although as usual I can’t promise anything.


Funny how issue still exists after 2 years lol

Happening to me now.