Flipped Scaled Drawings flip back when exported as PDF

We have an image saved to desktop that is right side up. When we import into layout it is upside down for some reason, so we rotate it to the correct orientation. Everything is fine until you export as PDF, and then the image is rotated back for some reason. If you export as image it is the correct orientation, so it seems to be an issue with the pdf exporter. This issue was replicated on 2 different work stations.

Any thoughts? This obviously isn’t a huge issue for this one file, but it defintely seems like a bug.

Flipped Image issue.pdf (2.4 MB)
Flipped Image issue.layout (2.6 MB)

Layout 2018
Windows 7 professional


I know it’s super annoying when this happens - it’s a mismatch in how different image-processing libraries handle rotation flags.

There’s some discussion of this issue in another thread:

It’s on our list to fix for the next release but I can’t promise anything.


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