Photos get rotated when exported to a PDF

I’ve inserted four photos into Layout, one per page. When exporting the project to a PDF, two of the photos get turned on their sides, while the other two remain correctly oriented. I did some cropping in Microsoft Photo. Any solutions?

I suspect you need to use a different image editor to rotate and crop the images. Can you share the LO file and the original uncropped images? I’ll see what I get here.

Are you still using SketchUp/LayOut 2017 as indicated in your profile?

I don’t have the original uncropped images, and I deleted the two problem pages from LO so I get send the PDF to my client.I’m attaching a 1-page LO with the issue.test LO.layout (4.3 MB)
I have a hunch the original photos I shot horizontally are the OK ones, while the ones I shot vertically are the problem.

Well, I exported a PDF and the orientation is OK.

So there’s nothing to look at in your LayOut file?

I don’t understand your question

Oh, wait, I understand. I’ve sent you a LO file that has no problem… I have demonstrated the original problem was NOT an image editing issue. Any other ideas?

No. You haven’t.

Some image viewers are “smart” enough to rotate images to compensate for whether the camera/phone was held vertically or horizontally. The image isn’t really correct, though. You need to use an editor that will allow you to correct the orientation.

Oh, OK, thanks. Maybe Paint will work where Photo didn’t.

I use PaintDOTNet as my image editor and don’t have any troble with rotated images.

I’ll check it out.