2022 Layout Bug - Photos/images rotating or flipping upside down

Pretty sure I’m not doing anything out of the ordinary here, but these images are flipping and or rotating.


I took them on my cellphone camera.
They look fine in Windows, and when opened in Photoshop.
And they look fine in LayOut.

When they are PDFd the PDF shows them rotating 180deg.

The one image that is the correct way up is unique - it’s a screenshot from Google Streetview.

When I edited one of the upside down images (Flipped Vertical axis), in Layout it appears flipped Horizontally (correct Up & down, but mirrored)

Also, when attempting to Update a LayOut image reference while an image is open in Photoshop (2022) it can cause LayOut to Crash (instant quit, no error message or bugsplat).

Resaving all a copy of all images a PNG using photoshop corrected the orientation in Layout (both in LO screen and when PDFed)

It’s the Downunder feature.


Did your images come from an iPhone?

Galaxy S11 with recent android.

Better not joke… the palm trees, sunny skies and beachfront park might be making the northmen jealous

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Phone cameras tend to add all sorts of data, which is why they orientate correctly on a phone but not on a screen. You see it all the time with people adding images directly from their phone, they are rotated or upsidedown.

Too true, we do live on the best side of the would, just don’t tell them.

yeah I’ve seen that before.

In this case they look fine in both Windows, and when placed into LayOut 2022.

So consistency between LO + its PDF exporter is the issue, I think.

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