Reset shortcuts to default does not work

After I customized to about 30 hotkeys, I thought my unhiding had stopped working correctly, so I reset cache and cookies. After doing so, some of my hotkeys had reverted back to earlier values. Then after I didn’t use them for a few hours, some changed back to what they had been before reseting cache and cookies. This is all in Safari 14.0.1

At that point I wanted to rule against my preferences being messed up, and wanted to reset them all to default. After posting here initially asking how to do so, I Reset Shortcuts and then saw all the default hotkeys.

I reset Safari cache and cookies again before customizing the defaults, and all the hotkeys were back to the old version that I saw after the first cache and cookie reset.

If you click on the magnifier and type ‘short’ you see a Reset Shortcuts option. Does that work?

Fantastic - I’m back to defaults.

Sadly, view hidden objects wasn’t fixed (they show with View Hidden Geo instead), but I’ll try some different browsers now that I’ve hopefully ruled out my prefs.


Or, is there some distinction for ungrouped edges and faces that excludes them from the Show Hidden Objects function?

Groups and components are objects so would be affected by View Hidden Objects. Loose geometry would be affected by View Hidden Geometry.

Screenshot - 11_15_2020 , 1_15_54 PM

Ah, thanks for confirming. I think my Unhide All is still ignoring Geo sometimes (not at the moment, now that I have reset my hotkeys), but I have a much better idea how to unhide now so I should be able to sort out what’s working and what isn’t as I get set up again.

If the hidden geometry is inside a group or component that is not open for editing, Unhide All won’t unhide that geometry

Thanks, I’ll keep an eye out for that as a normal exception, and keep better notes on what doesn’t work when now that I’m not in a total unhide mess.

If you are needing to control visibility, to hide and unhide lots of things repeatedly you should explore tags.

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Thanks. I’m still just starting so all my hiding is due to bad build order blocking my view or experimental approaches that I want to pause, that’s why I like to see hidden objects and cherry pick unhiding.

Update - Reset Shortcuts was undone by another Safari cache and cookies reset, which I did before customizing any of the defaults.

The App went back to the same settings “snapshot” as it did after previous cache/cookies resets. So, not what it had been before Reset Shortcuts and not defaults either.

So now I’ll edit the title to “did not work”

If my accounts preferences file is corrupt, then I need it nuked somehow

The shortcuts seem to be browser specific.

If you show the Develop menu in Safari you can reset cache as much as you like, and not risk reseting cookies.

That’s better. Emptying caches was not destructive either to my new small set of test hotkeys, or to another test reset to default.

This is very useful flow if the app is crashing and I want to reset cache without losing hotkeys.

Still, I’m confused why resetting cookies does not make my hotkeys go to defaults, unless there’s a scheduled hotkey snapshot file in my account that the app repopulates from to make resetting cookies usually undestructive, in which case it all makes sense.

My guess is that the standard shortcuts are stored in the same place as any that you replace with custom shortcuts, and are stored as a cookie the first time you’re using the app. If you clear the cookies, do even the standard shortcuts work? If they don’t, then perhaps the app should reset the shortcut keys if they are missing, and not just store them on the first time you run the app.

Hopefully not too many people will be reseting cookies.

All the times I have reset cache and cookies, (both before and after I learned how to reset shortcuts) the effect of resetting cache and cookies was the same: revert to the same earlier, out-of-date version of my custom shortcuts from, say, 3-7ish days ago. That’s the set that’s still in Chrome as well, even though I never used Sketchup in Chrome until yesterday.

Same disjoint with my recent projects. They are several days out of date if I reset cookies, and the same out of date set shows in Chrome, plus the one project I opened in Chrome yesterday, which does not show in Safari after resetting cookies.

So I am guessing the server updates the save for my account’s shortcuts and recents based on my cookies on a lagged schedule, and that is what loads back onto cookies if I clear them or use a new browser.

This would be seamless for any user who hasn’t changed almost every hotkey in one week.

But in that case Sketchup should really push an update to the server’s saved settings when a user resets Hotkeys, otherwise it will only work some/half/most of the time.

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