? Request for support please

I´m a beginner with SketchUp and have some questions:

  • is the tool worth the money? I only want create to print 3D objects. Therefor I need the standard design tools, perfect export as .stl and a reliable measurement.I´m not agree wtih that, si I think 299USD are too expensive. What the year is over, do I have to pay 299 again? I don´t need shop or web. The make release with export .stl would be perfect for me.
  • only the Pro has export as .stl, correct?
  • what about support? Fast, reliable, competent…?
  • I don´t like the interface. It´s not standard like the most. Too much mouse using for move, rotate…

Thanks in advance
Busch, Germany

If you are using SU only for a hobby, then either SU Free (Web) or SU Make desktop 2017 would do what you want.

However, if you are doing your 3D Printing for commercial purposes, or making money from it, you would either need to pay for Shop (Web) or Pro (desktop_, both of which are now only available by annual subscription.

If you did get the $299 per year Pro subscription, then yes, you would pay that amount each year.

For the Free web version and Make 2017 that John mentioned, you would come to the forum to get help. As you have already seen, that help tends to happen quickly.

Thanks for support, guys :slight_smile:
I´m sorry, but 299 every year do not match my needs.
Using SketchUp for private as printing 3D objects SU Make desktop 2017 would be preferred.
But with 2017 could I export reliable .stl, where can I download it and is it free?
I I decide to Pro and when I don´t pay the amount after 1 year, what´s happened then?

There is an extension available for .stl export for SketchUp 2017 Make. It’s available at no charge in the Extension Warehouse. SketchUp 2017 Make is available for free for hobbyist use. It is available at sketchup.com/download/all

Like any other subscription, if you decide you don’t want it anymore, you stop having access to it.

Thanks for help…
After installing and starting Make 2017 it tell´s me a trial of 28 days and will not supported anymore.
And the extension was not found, every search tell´s me “it´s empty”. I´m not allowed to download extensions from this version!
Any idea?

Pro seems to be very oversized, I don´t need 99% of the functions.

SketchUp 2017 Make will start out with a Pro trial but it will revert to the free Make version at the end of that trial with the pro features being disabled.

Try again. You do need to sign in to your Trimble account to access the Extensions in the Extension Warehouse.

Not true. You need to set up and sign in to your Trimble account which is free.

We’ve already established that you don’t need SketchUp Pro. You’re only using it for your personal hobby projects so SketchUp 2017 Make will be just fine.

Ok, thanks for that explanation.

Regarding the extension, I was blind. Used the 3D-Warehouse instead, sorry.
Download the free ext. from “SimLab STL Exporter for SketchUp”, the right one?
Stop, find the one matching your screenshot…

Sorry for repeating negotiating Pro :frowning.
Don´t missunderstood, it´s not about the money.

That’s not the one I was referring to nor showing in my screen shot but it’ll work.

I´m happy at the moment.
I´ve tried out 3 settings to get the perfect .stl export: box unchecked, millimeter and ASCII.
Any other settings will display only the example figure (man / woman). Can I delete them basicly?

Before I start using SU 2017 I would like to print an example object and let u know. Please be patient.
I´ll let u know next day. (where are you located?)

Thanks for all your great and quick support!!

Snowy and frozen greetings from Hannover, Germany :slight_smile:

Acutally I would like to customize the object “Nameplate+Template.skp”.
But I´m not able to change all text parts. I´ve tried to separate, but without success.
What have I done wrong?

Share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got. There’s not ienough information in your post to tell you what you’ve done wrong. Please don’t make us hunt for what you are working on.

I would like to change all text objects…

You need to open the thing for editing, delete the existing 3D Text objects and make new ones with the 3D Text tool. Looks like you should first spend some time learning how to use SketchUp. Start with learn.sketchup.com

Found and when time visit SketchUp Campus for more details.
But I could not understand why it´s not possible to edit text directly, why I have to replace with new?
Would be easier, faster…
Thanks at all :slight_smile:

Learning to use SketchUp properly would give you the answer to that.

There is an extension that creates editable 3D text but you’d need to have used the extension to create the text in the first place.

3D text objects in SketchUp are generated by using the selected font outlines (paths) and the text characters entered by the user to create a group of edge and face geometry in the SketchUp model. After the geometry is created, there is no remaining knowledge within SketchUp that the geometry originated as a text string. The geometry is subsequently editable as edges and faces (e.g., using Scale, Move, Flip, etc.), but not as editable text characters.

@DaveR: if you mean 3D Text Editor by Thomas Thomassen, it was found and installed. But it was not what I was asking and looking for. However, thanks for all…

@TDahl: I´m agree with you. But as above was not what I´m meant and it seems that will not be possible.
Thanks to you too.

What exactly are you asking for? As I told you, if the 3D text was created with the 3D Text Editor in the first place you could edit the text to change it.

Enough input and time to practice.
Thank you for everything…