Free Version

Are there any free versions beyond a trial period still available? It seems to keep changing and I don’t want a cloud based one because my internet at time is flaky.


You can still get SketchUp 2017 Make at It’s still free for hobby use. 2017 Make is the last desktop version that is free to use.

Thanks Dave. I will give that a try.


You’re quite welcome. Your profile says you have SketchUp 2017 Make already. If that’s correct you should be all set.

That is correct. Just checked and wasn’t sure. Now I need to learn how to use it to design some parts I can 3D print for my model railroad.


Cool stuff. Be sure to share what you come up with!

I will if Lulzbot can help me fix this printer. Got $1,600 invested and it won’t print anything now. Never did print very good but now nothing. I am discussed.

Assuming you get the printer going, and in case you didn’t work out the SketchUp to printer steps…

STL is the file format usually used when going to 3D printers. Exporting to that format isn’t usually in Make 2017, but you can add this extension to then get an Export to STL option in your File menu:


I tried installing the extension from within Sketchup 2017 but I got a warning about my Windows version (10) and Sketchup version not compatible with STL Exporter. Said Yes anyway. When I access it from Extensions in Sketchup it is asking for a license number or a limited free trial. Hmmm


The one I pointed to is free, and from the SketchUp team. It does not appear in the Extensions menu. Whatever you saw there was something else, possibly the SimLab one.

Look at the File menu, for Export STL…

Got it. Should of read the instructions….LOL

Thanks again,


Reading the instructions? I don’t see the fun in that!

What applications do you use to talk to the (non-working ) 3D printer?


I have been using the LulzBot version of Cura. But apparently it has some problems that LulzBot can’t seem to admit and or fix. So at this moment I am unable to 3D print anything. Not sure if it is a problem in the printer or in the software. They just tell me try this and try that. I tried three different PCs, two with Windows 10 and one with Windows 7. The printer runs very slow and stops and starts therefore allowing filament to become a mess.
I also have Simplify 3D which I plan to try. Otherwise I am dead in the water. The main problem with Simplify may be getting it to recognize my printer. Hopefully today I will give it a try. Simplify does have a forum so that may be some help.

Question there ! . . What Extensions are you using and Like Dave said need to have the STL extension . . And what do you use for READING the STL file to convert it to G-Code ? I use Slic3r Prusa Version ( I run Linux not Windows ) Sounds like a BIG 3D Printer for $1,600 . . I only have a 12 X 12 X 15 inch area to print in and it cost me $610.00 . .
I have about 20 Extension I have in my download Directory and have installed them in Sketchup Make . . Some Extensions only get used once a Blue moon but worth the down load when needed . . And would love to see the parts you have for Model Train things WOW . . I make parts for personal use like a Chair Leg Foot Pad was last thing made . .

Regards price vs size. Mine is much smaller. A LulzBot Mini. Paid too much at the time. LulzBot provides a version of Cura to read the STL file. I also purchased Simplify 3D which I need to try/learn to use. They and I can’t figure out if it is software or hardware problem. Of course hind sight says I should of waited before buying one. My print area is about 6 x 6 x 8 or so.


I think you would find Slic3r a better Program to use AND let ti connect to the 3D printer so it knows what Printer it is connecting to and making G-Code for ! . . I use Repetier-Host for Printing with seems to work EVERY TIME and i use 1.6.2 version of that . . I have found Cura a bit of a problem at times and Went with the Slic3r ( also FREE ) Oh yeah and switch to the Pro settings it allows you to change a lot of things in Printer Settings to make better parts . .And you may need to adjust / Edit Marlin in the size of the parts . . I now make Parts so close to the “NEEDED SIZE” first time and not have to make several practice parts to get things the right size . . … My original 3D printer is same as your printer in size of print area and have a Geeetech I3 Pro C dual Extruder 3D printer for stand by LOL . . I got the Geeetech A30 Mix on special that is why I got it for less . .