Do i Need Pro To 3D Print An Object For Personal Use?

Do i Need Pro To 3D Print An Object For Personal Use?

No. You can use SketchUp Make for that.

whats that? …

The free version of SketchUp. Did you look at the SketchUp website?

oh, thanks so just one more question, are the tools the same as normal sketchup or do i have to lear them again to make objects?

They operate the same. It’s just there aren’t as many of them in Make.

is this it, i went to sketchup make and i downloaded this

You get a 30-day trial of SketchUp pro. You really need to take a little time and read the SketchUp site. This kind of stuff is all clearly explained there.

And you already have SU2015, SU2016 is simply an update of that.

ok thanks, so sketchup make is in sketchup pro trial and when im done my design i can print anytimne?

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You will need to install the STL file export / import extension.

  1. Open SketchUp.

  2. Choose menuitem Window > Extension Warehouse

  3. At the upper right of the Extension Warehouse entry page, in the “Top Extensions” list, choose the “SketchUp STL” link.
    (Or search for “STL” or navigate to the “SketchUp Team” page, … find the STL Import/Export extension and go to it’s product page.)

  4. On the “SketchUp STL” product page, scroll down and read the instructions (especially about grouping geometry.)

  5. On the “SketchUp STL” product page, you should see a big red button at the top right that reads “Install”. (It will read “Download” if you are manually navigating in a browser outside SketchUp.)

  6. Click the install button, and say yes to the permission dialog box.

After it is installed, there will be a new “Export STL…” menuitem on the File menu.
(The STL import is done via the standard SketchUp File > Import… dialog.)

Your group for 3D printing must be a “watertight solid” (aka manifold solid.) Seek out solid checker extensions. (ThomThom’s Solid Inspector is one.)

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