Newbie with a few questions


I just started using SketchUp for Web and have tried uploading the 30 day trial of SketchUp Go because there are a few features I would like to try before I buy that aren’t available in the Web version but it won’t let me. Hopefully someone can help me with some questions I have.

  1. In the SketchUp Go program is it possible to upload an .stl file and use the Follow Me feature along the outer edge of the .stl object and then delete the original object so you are left with the Follow Me outline?
  2. Can I use SketchUp Go to design 3D prints for sale (commercial use)?

Thank you.

SketchUp Go is a web version.

You can import a .stl file in SketchUp Go.

Yes if you set it up properly.

Yes. The license for SketchUp Go does permit that.

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I am a SU Go user. I tried the Pro trial before I decided on Go. I think Dave is giving you an answer now too. I think for what you want Pro would be better. Yes, you could do commercial
use with Go, but you would be better off learning to use pro and using extensions for what you want to do IMO.


Thanks. My designs are pretty simple though. More 2D than anything. Cookie/Clay cutters and flat items. I just really need the ability to import .stl files to trace with follow me. I don’t really do any modeling or sculpting stuff. Just not that talented.

Can you show an example of what you are doing?

Making cookie/clay cutters. Instead of sketching in the program I would like to import .stl to use as the shape that I will use “Follow Me” on to create the cutter.

I also create flat ornaments but I already have a program that works reasonably well.

and wine bottle gift tags.

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An stl file will generally be a 3D model. You can certainly extract the perimeter of the object to use as a path for Follow Me. Keep in mind that .stl files consist of a bunch of triangles. If they are small you’ll wind up with lots of short edges for your path. I would suggest selecting those path edges and welding them before you run Follow Me. Also if the edges are very short you may need to work at a larger scale.

Thanks for the response. Could I import an .svg file and use the Follow Me on the path?

You’re welcome. There’s no native SVG import option. With SketchUp Pro there are some extensions that could do it but not with SketchUp Go.

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