Request for Hook shape drawing

Hey guys,
I am trying to draw a hook , which has a wedge with an angle. I am not able to produce a 3D model for the same in sketch up. Could anyone help me with the same. I have attached a hand drawing with dimensions and the real photo of the hook for your reference.

Shouldn’t be to hard to model. It looks like 5 pieces of steel welded together.
Model the long part first. It’s round bar stock so easy to make with follow-me.
When you’re done with that make it a group or component so it won’t “stick” to the next part.
Then model the next part in place…
And so on.
If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go to: and learn the basics of SketchUp first.
Happy drawing!

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Thank you for your feedback, The long part was not the issue. its the wedge that is tilted to an angle which I am not able to figure out how to make.
Can you suggest how to bend a trapezoidal shape?


A very rough method.
GIF 10-02-2022 10-33-34 PM


As you are using SketchUp Free you cannot use extensions who would make this an easy task.
So you would have to draw it with the bend in it, instead of drawing it straight and bend it afterwards.
Edit: I see @Box has got you sorted!

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