[REQ] Inserting Components From Library

Inserting Components from a Library sends them to model origin which is an incumbrance. I have a lot of components that I would like to insert into specific places and in large projects I have to navigate all the way to the origin to retrieve them.

Would it be difficult to insert them at the mouse pointer like you do with in model components?

Why don’t you access them from their library via the Components window? Then you can drop them with the cursor as you’re asking. It works the same way as bringing in In Model components from the Components window.

But that’s what I’m doing…

(I’ll try again)

Adding components from a Library [aka Collection] manually should result in the instance first appearing on the cursor for you to then place where you desire.
However, if the component was made from a SKP model that was geo-located when you insert manually it jumps to the origin and needs to be selected and relocated. Subsequent insertions of the same component should revert to the usual initial cursor placement manner…

So if you open one of these problem components SKP file from within the Collection, does it show as having geo-location set in Model Info ?
If so unset it and save it - delete any backup version that gets made.
Try reinserting it into a new empty model and see if it sticks to the cursor…

Didn’t know that. The models I have in a library were initially created as subcomponents of a geolocated model. They should not be geolocated themselves but maybe they inherited their parent model geolocation?

Ahh… Sorry. I assumed you would know that and would have eliminated that as a possibility.

Yes they do. That can be very useful. Or not as is the case this time.

Yeah. I’m using Sketchup long enough that I ought to know better. However I insert all my components with Thea Browser but this particular library made sense to insert through Sketchup’s native browser.

Thanks for your help guys. It’s nice to be helped by the heavy cavalry!