Replacing a component with another

So, I have a few components and I’d like to replace one component with another. However, the one that I’m replacing with, I rescaled in the document and would like the saved component to use that as the 1:1 scale. How would I do that without exploding the component and recreating it with the same name?

Hmmm. I thought that Scale Definition might be what I was looking for, but it seems not. :frowning:

Ok, so it did work after a fashion. I had the components grouped and did Scale Definition on the group. I looked inside and I couldn’t do a Scale Definition on the individual components so I thought that it set them all to the scale definition. It did not. I undid my changes and did Scale Definition on the individual component and it worked.

You can ‘Replace Selected’ in the component panel.
Open the component panel (you can expand on the top left to see two collections, one of them needs to be the ‘In Model collection’ )

Select the component in the model (if it is nested, you could rightclick in the component panel and choose ‘Select Instances’, too)

Rightclick on another component in the panel and choose ‘Replace Selected’

Head for the ‘Swapping’ section overhere:

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Works especially well usually when the components have a similar axes arrangment / location.

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You can always go into the component and replace the geometry I guess.

The downside is that you would be replacing the existing component definition and the former version is lost. With ‘swapping’ you would still have a choise.

One of the ‘C’s’ of transforming the way the world works (Trimble) is ‘Content Enabled’ and swapping parts of a Constructible design fits if we where to easily replace one brand of hinges with another, for example by searching in the Warehouse catalog of a manufacturer and replace the existing hinges.

Makes sense - especially if you are doing layouts and things with SU. Will give it a try