Swapping a group with a component

Is it possible to swap a group with an existing component of the exact same geometry? If there are four groups of the same model is there a way to make all four of those groups the same component instance with out manually replacing them?

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Paste in place? If it’s only 4 it’s not so bad?

Does the component already exist? Do you know where its insertion point is? You could convert each of the groups to components and select them. Then use Replace Selected after right clicking on the component in the Components window.

Paste in place probably isn’t going to be useful in this situation.

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Ahh I forogt about replace selected!

Originally the modeler made 4 brackets at quadrants around a circular entity. I know I can select them and change them to components in the outliner but that makes them 4 unique components. I wish there was a way in the outliner to replace the other 3 with the first component if that makes sense.

After making them unique components, select three of them and replace them with the fourth using Replace Selected.


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