Groups to like components


I was wondering if you know how to take several like groups and make them into a component so I can adjust their length or whatever else.



You can use Thomthoms Groups to Components to make them all components, then you can use the component browser to replace them all with one component.

It hard for the built in tools to know that you mean to end up with three instances of the same component, or if you plan to combine the three groups into one component. But what if right click on a set of groups still allowed Make Unique. You clearly would then be attempting to convert the separate groups into three instances of one new component.

Colin I’m not sure why you replied to me and I’m not sure what you are saying.

My point was that once you have made your groups into components, you can choose any of them and replace selected to get a full set of corresponding components.
Groups to comps


It was a feature request idea that I was running by you, where Make Unique could be made available, as a way to create one new component from a set of selected components.

I realize now that there is a problem, in that the groups may not look like each other, and that could be confusing.

You already gave a good answer to the OP question, so I didn’t reply to that.