Several groups with many copies of a Component - but want one group to have an unique Component

Hello there,

I got a set of groups with many components that is a same component, clone’s; so there they are all non unique.
One of the group needs to be different with equal components and will have a different size.
Best way to do that is to make all those components of that group as a different unique component.

When I select that group, how can I extract it from the uniqueness from the other groups, but make them as a new unique component.

Select them one by one is a lot of time, and not a fine workflow.

How would you do that; is there some easy trick to do that?

Just open the group for editing, select all of the components inside and make them unique in one step.

Haha, :laughing:
Thank you.
While you where answering my question I would reply back that I could select them from inside the outliner and there I saw that ‘Make Unique’ with the right click contextual menu.

Anyway thank you again. I didn’t see that menu item before. :blush:
They call it menu blindness, I think. :wink: