Component editing

Hi there,
i am having difficulty with editing components in Sketchup for schools. When i create an object and turn it into a component and then create multiple copies of that component i should be able to edit the component and have the changes occur on all the copies. This happens only occassionally despite doing the exact same thing each time ie.: draw object, create component, make copy, select component, make changes to component. I have watched the tutorial on components and followed it exactly but it still does not do what it is supposed to do…please help

Two common causes for this. One is making a group instead of a component. The other is that you are opening the component for editing and copying the geometry instead of copying the component itself. Can you upload the model to the 3D Warehouse and share the link so we can see what you have going on exactly?

One other thing it could be is scaling. You can scale an instance of a Component without changing the definition so you could have the instances different sizes or flipped in x, y or z, etc. If you wanted to scale the definition, you’d have to open it for editing to affect all instances when scaling.

Thanks Dave,
the second point you made is where im going wrong…phew. Thanks for the quick response.

Glad you got it sorted.

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