Replace symbol from AutoCAD with 3d Model in SketchUp?

Hey everyone:

If I have a drawing in AutoCAD that has a specific block symbol for a type of tree or shrub, is there a way that I can replace all instances of that block with a 3D model of the plant in Sketchup? If I could also randomly rotate and scale it that would be ideal.

I remember there being a way to do both of these things (haven’t used Sketchup in a few years) but I can’t seem to remember what the process is.

Thanks in advance.

The random scaling would require a plugin - there are several possible ones.
Import the 3D plant model as a component to SketchUp. In the In model section of the component browser, right-click on your imported AutoCad block and select "Select instances"from the context menu. Then right-click on your 3D tree component and select “replace selected” from the menu.

BTW, building a forest of 3D tree components is generally not a good idea in SketchUp. Your polygon count bloats beyond all reason, and your model becomes very slow to zoom or orbit.