Realignment of SketchUp drawing with cad drawing

I am working on a sketch drawing that is linked to my AutoCAD drawing.
I rotated the SketchUp drawing and now when I import my plants from AutoCAD the plant material comes in in the wrong place. How do I realign the 2 drawings. I am using FX Cad as my AutoCAD program if that makes a difference.
Thank you for any help you might have,

It would be helpful if you share the .skp file so we can see exactly what you are working with.

WAG without having anything to go on: Make sure the axes are set to their default orientation. Right click on an axis line, if Reset is not grayed out, click it. Then rotate your model or rotate the CAD import to align with the other.

Oh, I did not know to share the file. Am new at this I am afraid

@drycreek1954 any reason for rotating the SketchUp model?

When you work in AutoCAD, just draw some basic rectangle which is fully enclosing your drawing. The rectangle will always set the maximum size of your AutoCAD drawing when imported to SketchUp.

By having the frame you can always go back to AutoCAD, add or change few things and import the CAD again - it will land in the same place

Make sure that the ‘Preserve drawing origin’ hasn’t got the ‘tick’ - see below

When you are in SketchUp, just ‘Group’ the rotated SketchUp model and ‘Move’, ‘Rotate’ as required - I’m sure you have some common point between the AutoCAD drawing and SketchUp model to re-align

There is also interesting SketchUp plugin written by @TIG called XrefManager - please have a look