Repeating pattern along a shoe contour

Hello all. I am tryig out how to make a repeating pattern in sketchup to follow the contour of a shoe sole. I am testing out some new TPU filament and want to practice some non-common sketchup stuff :slight_smile:

file is attached. The pattern can be any type of pattern, rectangular or wavy.

thanks for any help.

shoe.skp (4.7 MB)

Like this maybe?

I used Path Copy with this little component.
Screenshot - 12_10_2023 , 3_47_12 PM

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yes, and i should have been more clear. the top section with the 5mm offset, the inside needs to have some tread.

is path copy a extension?

but yes, i need to make tread on the bottom surface of the shoe (which is the top section in sketchup)


Yes it is. You could try it on the top surface.

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ok, i will try that. i have one idea i am toying with first. thanks again

ok, we got it to work :slight_smile:

2 different methods.