Creating a repeat pattern/material from a 3d component


I am not sure if I am posting this in the right place, so apologies if not. But here goes…
I am fairly new to SketchUp and I am in need of some help.

I am designing an interior and I want to render a specific 3D texture to the wall. I am purchasing the physical wall covering from a company called Orac who offer downloadable 3D files on their website, for the purpose of being able to add them to plans.
When I download these files and import them to SketchUp, it just gives me a 3D square component that I can, of course, scale, duplicate etc. However, I want to make this component into either a repeat pattern or a ‘material’ so I can apply it to furniture, walls, and so on.
Is there a way to do this?

Thank you

Do you want it to repeat as a 3D object in SU, with its own geometry (edges, faces, materials if relevant0, or jus as a material texture that looks 3D.

If the former, scale one component to the right size, select it, and R-click/Scale Definition.

Then move/copy as required to apply to your surface(s) where you want it to appear.

Be aware that it may bloat your model if you have many repeats, and the geometry is complex.

If the latter, in a new model, scale and repeat as necessary, then take a screen shot to make an image which you can save and import as a texture.

Demonstrating what John described. First, making an array with Move/Copy.

Or, as a texture which will have less of an impact on file size and entity count. I used the 16x16 tile setup, set the Camera to Parallel Projection and standard front view and turned on Shadows. I also edited the style and gave the background a color that was easily selected in an image editor to crop to the tiles. Then I exported a PNG instead of making a screen shot, cropped the image to the tiles and imported it as a texture into SketchUp.

I downloaded one of the models (OBJ file) from the site you wrote about.

The model contains ~160000 Entities, way too many to use it like this.

In Blender I created the low-poly model, which keeps the general shape of the Hi-poly model.

I created the normal texture by baking 3D Hi-poly model to 3D Low-poly model.
I imported the Low-poly model (274 entities) into SketchUp and rendered it in V-Ray with the texture generated in Blender for Bump and Displacement.

Thus I replaced 160000 Entities with only 270 and a texture (NORM).

In this way you can create a PBR material using the Hi-poly model, but it depends on how you intend to use that texture you are asking about to create it. By creating such a material, you will not be influenced by where your lighting is and where the shadows are in your model.