Sketch to Photoshop, to Sketchup to Unity

Hi All,
I am trying to make real time visuals of 3D sketchup models in Unity, I have figured out the wonder of applying materials and lighting but I want to know how to make walls in my model individual rather than use pattern repeats, I think this may wander into the world of UV mapping, slightly daunting.
But without UV mapping would I:
• Flatten/unwrap the parts of my sketchup model I want to make individual.
• Export these parts to photoshop so the art work may be created (How do I do this?).
• Export back from photoshop to Sketchup to apply to my surfaces.
• Export to unity to turn these individual textures into materials.

Am I right? And if so, how do I do this?



Hi James, i see you’re getting into Unity :upside_down_face:

Please share a screenshot here, so we identify the problem better.
About the repeating pattern, it’s probably your texture isn’t ‘seamless’. For example in, there is an option to ‘Show Seamless Texture Only’ at top right. You can also search Google for ‘seamless texture’.

I’m not an expert but here is my workflow in a nutshell for Unity:

1- Model and apply textures in SketchUp. Basically any random texture, you’ll then replace them inside Unity (Applying a texture -not color!- in SketchUp, also applies a UVW map) (Give both groups and textures proper names. Changing names inside Unity breaks prefab connection if you edit .skp file later and reimport).
2- Use SketchUV plugin to unwrap complex objects in SketchUp. (or use Blender for this purpose)
3- Import your .skp (version 2015) (or .fbx) file to Unity. Change textures with proper ones you have.
4- Don’t forget to tick ‘Generate Lightmap UVs’ in import settings (at Inspector).

Note 1: Photoshop might be useful to create textures (and to make them seamless that are not).
Note 2: Take a look at this Unity Docs: Importing Objects From SketchUp

Thanks for this brilliant info, texture .com is amazing. I’ve been walking around photographing my own, but this will help.
When I say make a wall individual rather than use pattern repeats I mean not even use a seamless repeating design.
I have seen images of (Especially for characters) where there is a flattened cut out in 2d of the artwork applied to the character. I want to be able to do the same things with walls. IE one wall is broken and aged one way and another perhaps not so much, but maybe has damp creeping up from the bottom etc.
If I was building it in the real world, I would take my model walls, lay them down, paint each one individually then put the model back together.

Allright, i understand better what you mean now. You want to this to your wall and paint the 2D.

Well then, using Blender + Photoshop will more suitable. (Note that Blender also has some really good texture painting features within)

There is also Wrap-r plugin for SketchUp but i think it’s a bit expensive for what it’s doing (just UV mapping i think).

Another notable software for creating/painting textures is Substance Painter (It’s expensive but surely worth the price).

Thanks for this.
Substance painter looks amazing.
Do you know if I can import a sketchup model striaght into Substance painter then paint on it and create the wrap or do Ihave to apply some UV’s first?
Or, does blender allow me to do this and create it’s own UV’s on the sketchup model?
IE Does using Blender save me a process?

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