VR Real Time Render Programs

Hi All,

I just discovered the wonder of transferring my sketchup models to Kubity and viewing them in VR, brilliant!
But I would love to create the same world in VR using sketchup but with more detail and lighting, ie rendered.
I work in Film Production design and I can see walking directors and DoPs through VR sets being incredibly useful, are there any programs or plugins that work on a mac can be recommended for this?
I was interested in using Lumion but soon discovered it’s PC only

Thanks in advance


I recommend you to use game engines such as: Unreal Engine and Unity. You can model in SketchUp and export .fbx (Unity supports .skp files directly). There are plenty of information about VR in their blogs, documentations and forums. (And as far as i know they’re free to use as long as you don’t create & publish a game)

That sounds impressive. I will look into it

I’m using Enscape and I think is the best option one-click solution…you don’t need to spend time preparing your model to go to Unreal or Unity…Materials use keywords…Metal, Glass, Aluminum, etc… If you have Grass it shows 3d grass.
I use 3ds max + vray for my renderings but this tool is amazing and I got excellent feedback from clients.

Thanks, although I thought Enscape was not available for Mac?

You are right, but they are working on the MAC version…I also like Unreal but what I don’t like is the time to make your model and mapping work there. Take a look at twinmotion 2018…It uses Unreal engine and it has a lot assets.


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