Covering Variable Size/Shape Walls With a Seamless, Repeating 3d Stone-Wall Texture

I have a 3-dimensional component that I’d like to be able to stretch/extend across any size wall and have the model seamlessly repeat the inner stonework - essentially doing what a repeating paint bucket texture does, except with a 3-dimensional design.

The closest thing I could find to this was in Repeating Sub Component but this approach clearly doesn’t work for my application.

Any ideas if this is even achievable? Obviously I could just duplicate the texture and manually cut it to fit on the wall surfaces, but this would be an immensely time consuming project considering the sheer number of surfaces that need to be covered.

WallTexture.skp (780.0 KB)

Edit1: Any other recommendations would be appreciated as well. I don’t believe sketchup has any inbuilt functionality that achieves this purpose, and I’d imagine if it did, it probably would involve some fairly complex use of dynamic component functions. At this point I’m just trying to figure out what would be the most efficient method to cover walls with this 3d texture.

Edit2: Is there a name for this technique? I’ve been googling a variety of different things to try to figure out if any other 3d modeling software is able to achieve this but the results keep referencing to 2d textures instead of 3d designs.

You could take a look at the Profile Builder 3 extension. I am afraid that even that won’t “cut to fit”, though.

A Dynamic Component or simply a move/copy array is the only native way.

Personally I would use a material texture. If the surfaces you cover are large, this approach will create too many edges and faces to keep SketchUp responsive enough.

For 3ds Max there is Automodeller Pro, a plug-in that enables users to paint a group of meshes as “geometry-texture” onto an existing scene geometry.

Surely there must be a simpler way to apply a seamless 3d texture to a 2d wall, right? I feel like the concept in itself should be pretty basic. Clearly sketchup doesn’t have an easy way of doing this, but I’d be astounded if there aren’t any 3d modeling programs able to do this. Google’s just making this really difficult to find an answer to since it keeps showing results for mapping 2d textures onto surfaces.

Either way, I found a working .rbz of Floor Generator which does a passable job at creating the kind of wall texture I’m looking for.

Well, it is usually not feasible to work in the way you suggest as it bogs down a model with massive amounts of tiny geometry. That is why a 2D texture is usually preferred. Realism in renders is usually enhanced by adding a bump, or, in more extreme cases, a displacement map to the texture.

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I have all of the walls split into separate groups which I then hide/unhide depending on which section I’m working on. Unfortunately I need a 3d texture, since the goal is to 3d print a scale model of the building. Floor Generator has actually come up with surprisingly effective results in this capacity.