Big wall texture repetition

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I come to you probably with a simple question today: is there a way to avoid texture repetition of a big wall?

For example for a 6 meters long wall with a rock texture (with displacement map), how can I avoid having the pattern repeating and have it look natural?

Would appreciate any insight on that!




You mentioned a displacement map, are you using a rendering extension? That may have its own ways to control repeating.

With the built in tools you could right-click on just the face, choose Texture, Position, and change the scale of the image to exactly fill the wall.

I’m using Vray. But even with a 8k texture, it’s not made to cover such a big surface, so it repeats inevitably.

exactly :slight_smile: but I have no control on that since I need to use already made PBR…

What about stochastic texturing in Vray, does it work in Sketchup? And how to do it if so?

If the rock texture is irregular, not like a brick tile, you could create a Blend Material, using a material with the same texture but duplicating it, and use one for base and one for the coat, but with different settings.

On the left is the Blend material

Interesting but then is it possible to use maps on it, especially the displacement map?

I applied the material to the group and not to the faces, so the Displacement map should works.
But test it yourself.

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Tested, and it doesn’t work displacement. You need to look in vray’s help to see if displacement works for blend materials.

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It’s working, just apply the displacement to Blend material, not to sub-material

You’re always very helpful thank you!!! But as usual, I might need a little clarification here. When you say different setting for the duplicate of the material, what are you referring to?

You’re welcome!

Change the settings of one of the materials - Texture Placement

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Thank you again. It doesn’t quite work for me. The texture seems to shrink drastically. Not sure what I do wrong.

On the right the blend material.

I solved this one by Binding it in Texture helper and change the scale in Sketchup. Thanks!

Now, that you showed in the other thread where you shared your file what exactly you did, it also explains why it didn’t work for you at first.

If you want to apply a displacement map, you must remember that you apply the material on the group and not on the face.

You created a generic material that you named Blend, but I showed you in the animated GIF how to create a Blend material.

I’m sure I followed your direction for the Blend material, not sure what the generic named Blend is haha For the displacement I know, I know, you explained to me very well and thanks to you I made it worked, it’s just that my computer can’t render it, Vray crashes, if not Sketchup, haha so I kind of dropped the idea!

Thank you so much for you help!! I still have few issues with this project if you want to tag along haha I’ll make sure to post other threads :slight_smile:

The acoustic panel with displacement you helped me do was really good!

Unfortunately I think the blending option doesn’t really work for what I want to do, my wall even properly blended still look patterned… Maybe I should try to find another rock material for this. If randomization is not possible easily…

You can look for another texture, maybe you will find something that suits you, but keep in mind that at some point it will still form tiles, by repetition.

There is a variant in which those repeating patterns can no longer be seen, but it involves UV unwrapping, UV mapping and painting.

Youtube tutorials:

Your wall 8 m long and 3,5 m high, with your 1K texture and Blend material in V-ray - wall.skp (585.9 KB)

Thanks! Yeah I realized that by increased the size it looked much better, even with the bump and rough maps on.

V-Ray 5 for SketchUp seems to have a function exactly for that irritating repetition effect. Go check it out.