Problems with texture

hi guys, i have a problem with sketchup textures. I’ll explain better. I have to put a wallpaper on the plaster of a room. The problem is that the image shells when I go to climb it. It has a 6000x6000 px of resolution, so there should be no problem for a 3m wall. Can you help me ??
I am attaching two screens, one before climbing it and one after

Can you share your .skp file so we can see what you’ve done?

By what process are you bringing the image in to make it a texture?

Thanks for the replay.
I use v-ray next to render, so I create new material and insert the texture in the new generic material. When I assign the material, it creates it very small(as in photo) and I wanted to know if there is a way to improve this texture.
The problem arises with any material. Even if the texture is very large, sketchup creates pixels when you go to resize it.

So this is a Vray problem? You aren’t creating the material in SketchUp?

In my opinion you are looking to adjust the ‘size’ of the texture to your wall. If so, you can adjust the ‘position’ (and size) of the texture using the method described in this video from ‘The Sketchup Essentials’: How To Visual Flooring (do not be concerned with the title…)

If I am wrong in my assumption, please clarify.

I did the steps of the video (as always) but the texture when I enlarge it, obviously, grains. So it doesn t depend on the size of the image in px ??
PS: also in the video at 12.01 min, he hasn t high definition image