Stone wall textures

Hello guys , if someone could help me to get this stone textures like on pictures. I would pay for this textures if you find me.


Did we not already answer this question in your previous thread? Stone textures question - #10 by Anssi

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Maybe someone will now give better answer i mean better texture

nah, I’m gonna wait for the third thread, when you’ll promise us money AND your car in exchange for a better stone texture. I’m not motivated enough. for money I’ll just give you last time’s answers again

like they said last time. texture dot com, vray. and I just read you didn’t find mihai’s textures white enough. that’s because you have to rework them yourself in photoshop.

3d modelling and rendering is work. do the work.

what do you prefer, my bank info, or is a paypal account ok ?

edit : for future reference, it’s sarcasm. or is it ?

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Ok lets do paypal. No problem. Give me your email and get me textures like this


I mean, mihai solved it here

you want the stone to be a bit whiter ? photoshop it. or use the many tools in vray.

and Eric solved it here, even gave you the name of the vray texture.

he edited the colour too, just a bit.

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