Stone textures question

Hello guys , i have one question. Where do i find this stone like this Villa. Im guessing this is sketchup and vray. And maybe if u know this olive tree where can i buy or download.


Where did you get the image? You might ask the author. You could look in the 3D Warehouse for the tree. There are a wide variety of strone textures available in the 3D Warehouse as well as from sources like SketchUp Texture Club, Arroway, LotPixel, etc.

I dont know who made this otherwise i would ask him. Maybe if someone know where can i find this Stone. For me one of the best stones textures.

Check the sources I gave you.

stone wall

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How did you find it? And this stone is more white than this. is another good source. All you have to do is look…… Keep in mind you might have to find something “close” and then do some color adjustments in an image editor.

I used this one: Italy wall stone texture seamless 20527 - FYI you need a free account to download.
Then I edited the colors slightly to match your ref image:

Is this house made with sketchup and vray. What do you think guys?

Impossible to say for sure. There is nothing in the image that cannot be done with SketchUp and V-ray, but there is a legion of modelling/rendering software combos that the image could be coming from. The “photorealism” looks vray-ish.