Repair fredo corner, missing sub folder?

I’ve tried re installing through sketchucation panel, manual installation via downloading the .rbz and installing via extensions manager. no dice. any thoughts?

Silly question, probably, but did you also download and install FredoLib?

Most of Fredo’s extensions need it - can’t remember if Round Corner does or not.

IIRC, there are two versions - one for SU2017 and earlier, and one for later versions.

And mostly Round Corner has been replaced by Fredo Corner, which does more.

Try that instead from SketchUcation?

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Thanks John, I had both (old round corner and newer corner) loaded then I started getting this message on startup and got all confused trying to fix it. I got it sorted now by uninstalling both corner versions, updating the libfredo6 (although i already had v11?? so maybe the update repaired something) then re installing corner from sketchucation. Not sure really what happened but alls well that ends well, thanks for the reminder of which is the later version I had confused the two. Cheers.

Glad you got it fixed.

When you installed, did you quit and then restart SketchUp? Sometimes extension code gets entangled with what was loaded previously and doesn’t work right until you relaunch SketchUp.

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I kept re-installing and restarting with no luck, getting the same message. In the end I had to uninstall first then and re-install and restart. thanks.