Renewed license…

I just renewed my license for the year……I am trying to access my SketchUp for iPad and I keep getting a screen that says SketchUp Go……Free Trial for 7 days or ‘just want to use free viewer.

I need to be drawing. What the heck is going on?


I do not see any active commercial subscription linked to the email associated with this forum account.
Are you sure your subscription renewal/purchase has been completed?


It’s an education license for

I would advise that you sign-out and then sign back in using the Signing out may help reset it.

Tried it several times and now waiting for a lockout timer to expire….

I was able to log in and this is what I get……

You will want to start, and sign into, the desktop application. Then the iPad version will know that you have a subscription that includes the iPad app. Signing into iPad directly thinks you don’t have a subscription at all. After you have the desktop version working, sign out and in again on iPad.

Still the same thing is happening even after logging in on the mac

That is not a very intuitive sequence. Are there on-screen prompts to guide the user along that path?

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It seems not to have helped in this case.

The iPad checks your entitlements. If you did not yet activate a Go, Pro or Studio subscription, then you’re not entitled to use the iPad app. When you do activate your subscription anywhere else, then the iPad knows you’re entitled.

The subscription that drchitecturedsign had expired two days ago, and the new subscription was only activated today. I was hoping that signing out and back in again on iPad, with the same email address that had activated EDU Studio on desktop, should have found the entitlement ok.

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A suggestion: allow an iPad to activate a subscription. :slight_smile:

That’s handled through Apple, and it is able to activate a Go subscription. Currently there isn’t a way for someone to get Pro or Studio through Apple.