I have received payment confirmation but have no code to activate Sketchup - I have actually paid twice both times confirmed

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 4.11.17 PM

Based on the amount I’m guessing you purchased a subscription to SketchUp Go? You should be able to open the app in your internet browser and sign in. The “code” to activate it is your e-mail address and password.

Thanks for your assistance Dave - I have tried that to no avail.

PS - I also got a ‘Your all set’ response to my payment with the graphic of a man doing a thumbs up. It said that I would hear from Trimble shortly but no word

Do you have one of those emails that is hidden?

When you click manage account I think it will take your to your trimble account page, this has the products section that gives you the links to things you’ve purchased.

I don’t

You seem to be admin for two SketchUp Go subscriptions. One of those is not assigned to anyone. If you sign into that account page and look in the Members section you will see that one subscription is assigned to your email, and one is not assigned.

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 4.11.17 PM

It doesn’t allow me to open anything

SketchUp Go doesn’t include use of the desktop application. You can use the iPad app and the web app. If you thought you were getting the desktop app as well you would either need to upgrade to Pro, or ask for a refund.

Sorry if I seem a bit slow off the mark here Colin. I have opened and been able to activate the 3D warehouse as well as the SketchUp for web but can’t figure out the program in my computer and where to find it. If I try to open a model from the free trial a page opens offering to sell me what I have already purchased

aaah!! Can I upgrade based off my payment?

Yes, and it’s pro rated. The expiration of the upgrade to Pro would be the same date as the current Go subscription. That’s only a few days ago for you, so it won’t affect the numbers very much. By upgrading to Pro in the account management page you would pay roughly $299 - the amount you already paid, plus tax if that applies to you.

Still curious why you seem to have two Go subscriptions. It’s possible you accidentally bought a second one, not knowing the existing one would auto renew. Look for a payment of $119 that you made on August 27th, and if it’s not needed contact support to ask for a refund for that one.

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Hi Colin

I have managed to download the program at last. How do I contact support to organise a refund on the product that I don’t require?

Thanks again for your help

Use this page, and give them your email address and the dates of the purchases:


It looks to me like you had a Go subscription auto renew on 8/27, you bought Go as well on 8/31 (which became a second not needed seat), and the upgrade to Pro seems to be a new purchase and not an upgrade, on 9/1. My colleagues should see the same thing when they look at your account. The easiest solution I can see would be to refund the Go renewal, the Go purchase, and leave you with the new Pro subscription.

You can tell them I was helping, and they can then ask me questions if they don’t immediately see what has happened.

Hi Colin - I am getting no response from the team, is there another way to contact them?

Sometimes refunds are started before they reply to let you know that it’s underway.

It’s after hours on a long weekend now, but I will send a message to them to ask for someone to contact you, so that you at least know they got your message.

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