Renders turn out too smooth?

@Elmtec-Adam ha, you’re right! I used omni light to brighten the scene a bit! I’ll tick the shadow box in the vray asset editor and will see how it looks, thanks! :slight_smile:

With the omni light, there is a value called “shadow radius” adjusting this will allow you to soften the spread of the shadows. Give that a try

It sounds like sth I was looking for haha :wink:

I wanted to share my results with you :wink: I still find my renders a bit blurry let’s say but I think I’ll settle down with this version of the bedroom :wink:


Really great! I’d be proud of those!

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I was trying really hard with the lighting and I think the biggest thing for me is having that noise which I like :sweat_smile: Even though it looks like sth that is not done rendering haha

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this ended up gorgeous (it was already cool at the beginning, don’t get me wrong :slight_smile: )

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Jeez, I think I have a problem haha, I can’t get to the point where I feel like I’m done lol. Thank you!