Rendering problem


hello big problem here…

trying to render my house but noticing this issue (sk 2015 and vray 2.0)

all the components, parts and groups that were created whitin the file get rendered

the ones that i imported (eg. the windows or the couch) despite being present in the model magically disappear from the render…

help please


Do they have the right face orientation (front face outwards)?


yes…it’s a couch…and the windows…basically ANYTHING imported doesn’t show up in the render…


Could you share links to the components? Give us something useful so we can help you out.


Even a monochrome screen shot of your model would be a start.


i don’t know what the problem was but what i did now (that i woke up) was removing the imported components, ctrl+a - new file - ctrl + v - place one imported window - try rendering…the window shows…

sorry to have bothered you guys…could have thought myself about this solution yesterday…