Problems in Vray 6 Render for Sketchup 2022 PLEASE HELP ME! :) <3

Please someone help me, I’ll even offer you a discounted stay at my airbnb in the above model located in Scottsdale. Or discounted trip to my airbnb in Cabo. Honestly, that’s how desperate I am. I have tried figuring it out on my own. I don’t know what the heck I am doing

I watched some YouTube tutorial about making your object a component and then exporting it as a proxy to speed up render times. I made a bunch of different proxies of objects, and then every time I go to render, my objects are all mixed up. I did not combine my chaise and my bed, so I don’t know why my beds are showing up as a chaise.

In each room, I made each bed it’s own component and then individually exported it as a proxy.

Some objects aren’t showing up in general, like the vehicle in the driveway which I did turn into a proxy.

P.S. I took screenshots on my Windows and then sent them to my Mac to post on this forum. I wanted my Windows to process the render. Sorry if there is any confusion.

Please someone help me. Please. I am begging of you!

Thank you,


Please upload the model for examination. That is the only way to give accurate feedback.

I feel so dumb, I tried compressing it to a zip file and it still says it’s too large to upload. How else can I upload it?

Upload it to DropBox or Google Drive and share the link.

Hi sorry I replied to the other user with the link and I tried reposting it but I am not allowed to repost it again so can you refer to my reply in the thread?

I can see your link, too. And I haveopened it. There are numerous reversed faces in your model. There should be no exposed blue back faces when you are looking at it in the Monochrome face style. Those are areas where textures are not displayed in your render. If you reverse those faces and apply the textures to the fronts, they should appear in the render.

The following isn’t specifically related to your rendering issuer but can cause problems for you.

First, incorrect tag usage. ALL edges and faces should be created and remain untagged. Only groups and components should be given tags.
Screenshot - 10_26_2022 , 1_57_15 PM

And your file is quite bloated with unused stuff. Purging is taking a very long time to do.
Screenshot - 10_26_2022 , 2_00_22 PM
There’s also a number of excessively large textures in the file. After that cleanup I’ve reduced your file by about 78.5%.

You’re such a friggin’ beauty omg thnak you so much. I’ll go ahead and fix this right now. Thank you.

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Also important to note but I am using the trial version of both Vray 6 and Sketchup 2022

Aw, shucks! Thank you. You’re quite welcome.

Other than it implies you are new to using both, that’s not terribly important. Well, it’s important that you are new to them and using them but there aren’t really any limitations because you are using trial versions.