Vray renders non existing objects!



I have been trying to solve this problem for a while now but I can’t find any solutions.
I’ve been using furnitures and plants from SketchUp 3D Warehouse, applying them to the model and turning them into proxies. Everything works well until I try to render my model. Then some non-existing plants or chairs are visible in the images.

Does someone know what to do in this situation and how to solve it?
Thank you.


Try posting the model. Hard to say without looking closer at the proxy and settings.


Uploading: 09.01.skp…


It looks as if the file didn’t finish uploading, so it’s not usable.

If it’s over 3MB you can’t directly upload it here. If it is below that size, try again and wait to confirm that the whole file has finished uploading.

If if is over 3MB, try uploading to Dropbox or an equivalent file sharing service, and provide a link here.


Tell also which version of Vray are you using?