VRAY objects dissapearing

Hello! When i render on vray through sketchup, some objects that are visible in my sketchup model don’t appear. My layers are all turned on and none of those objects are the reversed plane. Any help is welcome. Thank you in advance

VRAY is very buggy when this happens I restart my skp.

i got this error message, and now suddenly a lot of my materials are not rendering. they show in the model but not in the render. I’ve rendered the same view before with the same vray settings and it worked fine.

Did you try to contact support at Chaos Group like the message says to do?

Yes, I did. Haven’t got a response.
The renders are urgent, which is why I’m asking here too.

I seem to remember having a similar issue when i first stated using VRay. I was something to do with my models being made of of groups within groups. If you try exploding groups/components, does the model render correctly? If so, it will at least give you somewhere to start.