Rendered Sections and Axo plans - V-Ray vs Enscape

I’ve spent the last month modelling a project in SU and learning Enscape. I’ve been getting some reasonable result and it’s integration within SU is excellent and smooths out the process. The issue I now have is creating rendered axo plans and sections. Enscape will not render sections or cut axo plans correctly as it assumes the whole building is still there and means the lighting is totally messed up. I can’t find a way round this.

I’ve heard V-Ray will render sections and axo plans but has a cost to it. I’m running Enscape on an Educational licence (MArch) but V-Ray has some cost to it and at the moment money is tight.

My questions are is there a way to render sections/cut axo plans using Enscape (without modding the SU model itself) and as V-Ray does do this, how easy is it to use to create something reasonable? Or is there a better/easier alternative to both of these?