Render your Sketchup Model in Blender

I’ve been playing around with the camera settings and angles. The problem I’ve been having is that when I go to render, the image I get is often only a 1/4 of the actual model.

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please use the Blender forum and create a topic, there. The way discourse forums work is that it is actually one big pile of posts and mixing problems from other software messes things up for users that are looking for their problems with SketchUp camera settings.

sign up here:

On properties panel, you get a camera properties if your camera is selected. Set focal length to less than 50mm (50 mm by default), for example 25°.

Remember the final render is made from a selected camera. You have two modes, the view and the camera mode. To switch between the modes, you have a camera icon button

you can try reading these if Video tutorials are not your thing .:
Blog - ( articles section)
He has a book also .ArtisticRender's Blender e-book

I am discovering “compositing” tools in Blender. The principle is to calculate an image, then to choose the “compositing” workspace. It’s post-production but based on a nodal system (components, functions linked by wires), and it sounds great.

love your buildings. love the tip.

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it’s not mine, it’s Mies Van der Rohe Barcelona pavillon : The Pavilion - Fundació Mies van der Rohe

Yes its very good, especially for adding post process effects such as glare and colour grading!

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