Render with GPU more blurry than with CPU

Hello i notice something weird with cpu vs GPU rendering.
I used the CPU with Catmull-rom AA filter for my render and recently i switched to GPU ( even RTX) and i noticed the render are more blurry.
Anyone notice that before or have a solution for a crisp render with GPU?
i joined 2 picture to show you. First is CPU rendering and other is GPU.

Try this:

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thanks but it didnt work. i kind find out while fiddling with setting.
I unchecked the AA Filter and it seems to work for me
So no AA Filter with GPU (Cuda) render is sharper… weird

Antialiasing works by blurring edge pixels in your image, so I am not very surprised. It looks like the AA in your GPU has a different radius. Are you using Denoiser?

Yes i’m using Nvidia AI denoiser. Is there a place where i can adjust the radius you’re talking about?
If not juste removing the AAfilter seem to do the job.

If you have an RTX gpu you could use Vray’s RTX api to render a lot faster than with CUDA.

I have a RTX card but for me the speed difference is not that great. My models are small, though.

I haven’t used Vray in a while, but on blender I have the option of rendering with CUDA or OptiX, which is the api that uses Nvidia’s ray tracing cores, and for example a render that takes 5 mins using CUDA it takes 1 using OptiX, maybe Vray’s RTX isn’t as well optimized as cycles OptiX