Vray CPU and GPU render comparison


Recently just started learning vray. When I compare CPU and GPU render results certain textures look quite different. I have read topic about glass texture and image difference using CPU and GPU engines. But I am wondering is there any way eliminate difference in rendering results between two engines.

At the moment I am working with wooden texture. On the picture there is CPU render result on the left and GPU render result on the right (GPU and hybrid GPU+CPU render result is almost the same). Is this is a normal difference between CPU and GPU engines or there is something I am doing wrong.

Thank you.

I really do not know anything about rendering but your images look like they are over exposed or the lighting is not even to my inexperienced eye.

There are optimisations that GPU render performs (particularly for an interactive render)
It depends if your textures sometimes. It will downsample the map to a specific resolution.
You can disable this downsampling in the right hand rollout in the render settings under GPU textures.
That looks to me what is happening here