Render same scene in two different pcs = one closer to the object


I was wondering if any of you have faced this issue. I have done 2 renderings of the same scene (same project, same file) in two different computers and the results are not the same. They do have same resolution (pixels), however one render image is closer to the objects of the scene (like a zoo in) and the other one looks just fine as expected. Do you know the reason of this? And what can I do to have the same resulting render image in both computers. Please advise

Is thr field of view setting on both computers the same?

What rendering software are you using? Is there a difference in the monitor size / aspect ratio between the two machines? Is the menu layout and settings exactly the same between the two machines?

I was thinking that as well, although isn’t that a setting that is saved in the SKP file with the page/scene?

Thank you for the replies!
It is the same skp file on three different computers (2 pcs and 1 laptop). Rendering the same scene from the same skp file with the same field of view will get three different render images and when I say different I mean one closer another far and the other normal. I was thinking maybe the issue resides on the monitor aspects. These three computers have different monitors. But this does not happen when I use 3ds max and vray. I’m surprised I’m the first bringing this up. Yesterday I did a render with a “x” render farm service. The result of this render was thtat the image was too close to the objects, we lost the beauty of the scene’s camera angle planned on my computer. Anyone has an idea how to avoid this issue? Thanks you in advance. BTW I’m using vray on sketchup. And I repeat, I do not have this problem with 3ds max and vray. The menu layout and settings are the same because I set everything on my skp file before copying it to the other computers and do the render process.

Are you rendering in V-ray? Have you reached out to them on their forum? They would be likely to know why that is happening.

Yeap, rendering with vray. Today I was looking closer to the monitors of these 3 computers and I have realized that they have 3 different resolutions. I believe this close up rendering issue happens because they are made in 3 different resolution monitor. I have also noticed that when the sketchup window is maximized the resulting render will not be the the same if the sketchup window is not maximized. In other words, scene follows monitor’s resolution. Maybe I’m not preparing well my scenes. Maybe I need to use a camera? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

As @TheOnlyAaron said, you have better luck trying V-ray’s own forum.

With that said, I am assuming that you are using V-ray 2.0 since 3 just came out.

if you have “Override Viewport” unchecked, views will be rendered at different resolution depending on the machine.

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts. Joseph, the issue here is not the resolution render output. The issue is that depending on the monitor the scene render will be different but keeping the same resolution. The will vary on the close up representation. I came to this issue because we need to produce many render images in one day, therefore to be efficient we use the same skp file in different pcs. Sometimes when the load work is too much we send them to a renderfarm. But I have find the fix. I have to use the advanced camera tools, I need to create a real camera. By doing this, the focus will be locked and the render outputs will be the same in different computers or/and renderfarms. Thank you all of you for your assistance. I hope this will be helpful to anyone.

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